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Saturday, September 12, 2009

Alcohol provokes me to text haphazardly and tell people that I love them repeatedly :]

I will add to this blog as the days go by and I send more messages..

Saturday Sep 5, 2009

It'll be okax ryeti. Just sofa s . Bob you .xoxo
TRANSLATION: It'll be okay sweetie. Just sleep. Love you. Xoxo

SpitOh sweetie guess what they're playmi? Sheph.de nuggets! *riversid mothsel dr.!
TRANSLATION: [Something] Oh sweetie guess what they're playing? *Raise the roof!* Riverside motherfucker!
So I couldn't even get the *s in the right spot.

I then said Please don before my fingers pressed the send button accidentally. So I concentrated really hard and texted really slowly and followed up with:
Damn it. My fingers don't work. I mean, please don't talk like that. I love you. So much. You're a brilliant friend. I love you. The world is your oyster. I love you. I'm so wasted but I still love you

Friday, May 29, 2009

one year from tomorrow:
-i told you to check out girl vs ghost

two years from the day after tomorrow:
-exams were starting soon, we were watching shindler's list in history, and the world would be better without money

three years from today:
-mondays sucked and i was making a piczo

-... nothing.

Monday, March 23, 2009


I posted this as a bulletin on Myspace.
And then it amused me so much that I posted it as a blog.
And now I will post it here.
So that we may always remember :]

Yesterday, Tahlia and I...

Lay on the trambopoline for like 3 and a half hours looking at the clouds.

They werent very good clouds though.

I saw a love heart though. It had a hole in it.

Kiwi called while we were looking at the love heart.

He wanted to know where it was.

I told him it was in the sky.

He said where in the sky?

I told him it was right where I was pointing.
Then I reminded him he probably couldn't see it, he was in the east and I was in the west.

He's a silly boy.

We talked about being like a fox.
And about how he's going to get Tahlia back for something.
Tahlia found this very unlikely.

Then we hung up.

And then Tahlia and I talked about birds.

And how high they fly.

Do they fly as high as planes? I asked.
I've seen that happen in movies and such, but I dont know if it really happens.

She said probably not, coz why would they bother?
They'd have to fly all the way back down again.

I said sometimes if you watch a bird it flies so high that it disappears.

Later on we saw a bird.

It was flying really high.

Tahlia said she could see pink on it so it was a gallah.

I dont know how to spell gallah.

I couldnt see the pink though.

And then I said do you think if a bird shat up there it would hurt if you got hit?
Coz its so high, it would gather momentum and speed and force?

And then we discussed being hit in the head with bird shit from all the way up there.

We decided it would go alllll the way through your head and through the trampoline and leave a big hole in the ground.

And then we laughed profusely at the idea of someone dying from a bird shit to the head.

And then I told tahlia to stop lying there with her mouth open or a bird would shit in it.

It was a great day :]

Saturday, March 14, 2009

does anyone check blogs anymore?

i guess i will soon find out.

it has been almost four months since i posted something.

how much things have changed since then.

let's list the ways.

you start.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

you can so hear me screaming.

haha. no. but i was.


"so speaking of vegemite, who's it love?"

and the best song in the world


Monday, October 20, 2008


From The Princess Diaries: Give Me Five by Meg Cabot pg 91

"Mia, come on. Admit it. The prom is the corniest thing in the world. I mean, you spend a ton of money on some rented penguin suit you can't even get comfortable in, then spend a ton more money on dinner somewhere fancy that probably isn't half as good as Number One Noodle Son, then you go and stand around is some gymnasium-"

"Maxim's," I corrected him. "Your senior prom is taking place at Maxim's".

"Whatever," Michael said. "So you can go and eat stale cookies and dance to really, really bad music with a bunch of people you can't stand and who you never want to see again-"

"Like me, you mean?" I was practically crying, I was so hurt. "You never want to see me again? Is that is? You're just going to graduate and go off to college and forget all about me?"

"Mia," Michael said, in quite a different tone of voice. "Of course not . I wasn't talking about you. I was talking about people like...well, like Josh and those guys. You know that".

Tuesday, October 14, 2008


Days Left